Long Island Teachers

LI Teachers

UCOMM Communications is excited to report Long Island Teachers is joining our ever-growing list of clients. LI Teachers represents over 100 local teachers unions from stretching all the way across Long Island from Elmont to East Hampton. LI Teachers joins UCOMM clients the Bellport Teachers Association (BTA) and the Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association (BSCTA) as the third member in public education.

"What makes Long Island Teachers extremely unique among local unions is the fact that they allocate funds for advertising, so this is a perfect fit for us even before we launched their mobile-friendly website, which has both a public side and private side," UCOMM's Kris Lagrange said. "We were asked to run a radio and digital ad campaign promoting public forums to save public ed. In fact, in the summer of summer 2015, a "Summer's On" campaign is going to released, as well as brand campaigns through the year."

UCOMM has created a user-friendly website accessible from all platforms and devices, including tablets and smartphones. LI Teachers members will also be receiving a monthly internal newsletter, as well as a public one called The Long Island Educator, multimedia libraries, and ad campaign consultation. With an enhanced and well connected external and internal communications system put in place, UCOMM will assist LI Teachers in standing up to Common Core, high stakes testing proponents, and those who want to gut funding for our universal education system.

We look forward to working together in the fight for public education in every district on Long Island.